I don’t do testimonials, I feel most people are just doing their job and they get compensated for that. But for once, I’m compelled to revise that position. And here is why:

Our Family’s Legacy was in jeopardy. After 54 years, of the proverbial blood sweat and tears variety, it was all ready to evaporate into nothing. Unscrupulous brokers out for a record payday, overdue property taxes that placed our land on the auction list, mismanagement, uncooperative local government with 25yr master plans that never coincided with our interpretation of “best use” or took into account the need for the family to make any income. And a bank that felt that the property would be better served if they owned it. They were relentless in their pursuit of their happiness. We almost lost it all…

It was a very stressful time, it was emotionally draining and without a doubt, we were lost.

By what feels like divine intervention, we were referred to Steven Rime. His professionalism, dedication, convictions and knowledge come through in every meeting, first to last. He brought together his team to turn a financial disaster into a reason to celebrate. From meeting with us to get to know our situation, through to negotiating best price, keeping the deal on track, meeting with local government to coordinate site specific requirements, keeping taxes to the minimum utilizing the 1031 exchange program with all its timely requirements, without which the capital gains would have gobbled up almost all proceeds of the sale, to purchasing new income properties to fund the family needs, and finally the funding to tidy it all up. He rolled up his sleeves, taking every challenge straight on. In doing so, he took great care of our family’s legacy.

His warm smile, his eye for the detail, his unrelenting need to not just overcome, but to supersede expectations makes him a force to be reckoned with. His heartfelt care for our family’s needs, he displayed to us over and over again. Sometimes, calling just to see if we were doing okay. That level of real caring is seldom seen in business. It makes you feel you’re part of something much greater. He and his team at Keller Williams saved 54 years of family effort and sacrifice. Preserving our family legacy for our grandchildren and beyond. We are forever grateful for him and his team of skilled professionals.

We, without reservation, recommend Steven Rime to anyone who needs a partner working on their behalf toward their best interest, in this complicated world of real estate.

— Daniel